Winter wonderland

Autumn and winter call for cozy lifestyle products. When it is windy, raining or even snowing outside, you want to sit inside and you need warmth, coziness and a fireplace! For these cozy moments, Tiseco offers sofa cushions, plaids, furs and warm bathrobes. And don't forget: handy door draft against the cold wind under the door!

Time to get the house ready for fall and winter! The best way to make things more cozy is by adding some textiles. There's all sorts of stuff out there; doordraftsthrow cushionspoufs and sheepskins. Not only will they keep you warm and snug, but they'll make your place look so much better too. So stock up on those comfy touches and get ready for the cold days ahead!


Make it cozy inside in the fall/winter by freshening up your interior with affordable options such as new throw cushions or a warm flannel plaid for your couch.



Protect your home from cold air with draftdraft stoppers for doors and windows. Affordable and effective against draughts, for a warm and comfortable living environment during the winter.



Micro flannels and sherpa ponchos have become indispensable in recent years, they are warm, soft & comfortable to wear during those cold days of the year.