31 augustus 2022


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Back to school: Decorate your dorm room interior!

Your dorm room, your home away from home, so why not decorate it that way? It's easy to get lost in furnishing your room, especially when you're faced with all the decisions about what to buy, what color schemes to use, and how to decorate a room.

Textiles are a great way to personalize your space and add some flair. Below we list a few items for you to transform your empty dorm room into something that is less boring to look at.

Duvet cover  
The most logical textile item is of course your duvet cover. This is often the big eye-catcher in your room interior. Choose a plain duvet cover so you have more choice when decorating the rest of your room.  

Towels and mats
It is also always handy to have extra washcloths and towels in your room. You never know you might need one. Plenty of choice at Tiseco, we have more than 5 different towel sizes in more than 20+ colors. Don't forget to bring a bath and/or toilet mat. 

Decorative pillows & throws 
Adding a decorative pillow & plaid to your room is a great way to add some comfort and style to the space. Just think of an extra soft office chair backrest if you are working too long or that extra warmth during the cold winter months.  Carpets and faux furs  Create a whole from all the separate parts in your room by adding a carpet or faux fur. It not only feels soft and warm. It also brings a relaxing atmosphere to your interior.  

A second robe is always handy to have in your room. This way you don't have to drag it home every week and it ensures that you have cosiness in your room during the chilly winter months. 

Hopefully this article has helped you because it is important to feel at home in your dorm. Don't forget to have fun decorating your new room!