16 november 2023

Winter Warmth: Smart Tips for Affordable Comfort

As winter approaches, many of us seek effective and affordable ways to ward off the cold without sending our heating costs soaring. With that goal in mind, today we share some clever tips and budget-friendly solutions to stay warm during the colder months


Blankets are excellent heat insulators. Lay a plaid over your couch or chair and wrap yourself in it during cold evenings to retain warmth without turning up the heating. The best plaids during the colder months are microflannel plaids. Choose one with a higher gram weight for extra insulation. The secret is simple: the higher the gram weight, the warmer you'll stay.


Layering is a smart move during autumn and winter. When you're at home, there's no better top layer than a soft microflannel robe or poncho. Opt for one with a higher gram weight for added warmth. Remember, a higher gram weight means it's warmer.


But let's not forget that warmth doesn't just come from above. Your feet also play a crucial role in regulating how quickly you get cold. To keep your entire body warm, invest in knitted socks lined with sherpa material. These socks not only provide an extra insulation layer for your feet but also ensure unparalleled comfort on cold days.


Are doordrafts outdated? With our trendy colors, this should not be the case. Place our doordraft at your door to keep the warmth inside. The benefits of a doordraft are manifold. It keeps cold air currents out and helps keep your home warm, reducing energy and heating costs. The doordraft is a silent hero when it comes to energy conservation, preventing cold air from seeping in and heat from escaping, reducing your heating costs without wasting extra energy.