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27 juni 2022


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Minimalism - Less is more

There was a time when home decor was all about patterns and visual clutter. But that trend is slowly fading away. Today, home design is more about minimalism. Want to achieve this look? We've got just the tips to help you out!

Minimalism is about keeping it simple. When decorating your kitchen area, you have to choose one specific color to focus on. If your kitchen has cold colors like black or grey cabinets then pick a one cold color to match. The same logic goes for kitchens that have a warm colors such as white, beige or warm wood colors. Combing grey kitchen towels with camel tone potholders & oven mitts is definitely a no go. 

Living room 
Most of us try to make our living area as cozy as possible. Creating a minimalistic interior doesn’t necessarily mean your living room has to be empty in order to create it. There’s nothing wrong with adding as plaids, carpets & cushions as long as they are somewhat neutral tones that match together. You can even add items with patterns, try only adding one if you want to give your living room more ‘energy’. 

For some of you, your bathroom will be the easiest room to achieve a minimalized look. Whereas for some it might be the hardest to handle. If you don’t do it already try storing after away your items such as cremes behind closed doors. This really helps creating a more open & sober look. Which is everything when it comes to minimalistic interior. Also, try placing same colored hand towels, bathmats or toilet mats. Colors that work in every bathroom are grey, taupe & sand. 

Like in the bathroom, try putting cluttered items in closed spaces. If you have cold colored furnishment try harmonizing soft cold colors in your bedsheets, pillows & curtains. The same rule counts for warm furnishment. The finished product should be a bedroom where you can find an oasis of peace. 
 Minimalism is in vogue, but that doesn’t mean you have to go completely bare-bones in your interior design. As you can read above, there are a few principle rules in order achieve a minimalistic interior.