Tiseco was founded in 1946 by the Degroote family. It was grown up from a small homegrown company in West Flanders, Belgium, which was famous for their industrial textiles craftsmanship all over the European continent.

It was manufacturing only handkerchiefs and kitchen towels until in 1995, one of the grandsons, Philippe Degroote, saw a market for home textiles fitting a growing modern European lifestyle and decided to start its international expansion.

Tiseco has developed its passion for weaving and broadened its range to thousands of  other home decor products, from handkerchiefs to throw pillows and kitchen towels.

This growth has made it necessary to create the company’s most important brands, such as Tiseco Home Studio®, ZICZAC®, and B-Bob®. These brands are now also in the international markets, including the whole of North America and Japan. The company’s focus remains on home textiles until now.

By modernizing designs, exploring new materials and weaving techniques, while preserving the core of textile quality knowledge, Tiseco has been successful in maintaining the strong sense of identity and tradition of FLEMISH TEXTILES FOR THREE GENERATIONS.

Spreading its roots throughout the globe by carrying its quality, craftsmanship and innovative ambitions. Supplying millions of homes with the best of quality and business commitments. We firmly hold “We Say What We Do and We Do What We Say “ as our principle in all of our business challenges.


We strongly believe that every home needs to be the sacred temple of its owner. Therefore we always ensure while good looks matters, it’s the quality and safety that matters most. We believe that comfort and safety has to be combined together in order to enter our home and our beloved ones’.

We strongly support environmental sustainability and human rights and thus refuse to put society at risk by avoiding harmful substances and labor cruelty in our every products.

All of our factories have passed through annual inspections and audits to meet the requirements of the FTA (Foreign Trade Association) with Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) for their products and labor conditions.

This means we do not only conduct a safe use of chemical substances and preparations throughout the entire industrial production chain, but also respect human rights and core labour standards in the international supply chains for our customer’s maximum safety and satisfaction. Free and sustainable trade guaranteed.